Norfolk Island is located almost one thousand kilometres from Australia's east coast, roughly halfway between Australia and New Zealand. This patch of land, 5 kilometres wide and 8 kilometres long, is one of the most isolated Australian territories. As a result, the Island has quite a unique ecosystem and a very distinctive way of life. Nevertheless, this is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is known for rocky shorelines surrounding the lush rolling green hills. There are also beautiful beaches, golf courses, historical sites, a national park, and much more.

If you are planning a holiday to Norfolk Island; below are interesting facts about the island that you should keep in mind.

The Island Has Its Own Language

Although Norfolk Island is a territory of Australia, it has its own unique language known as Norfuk or Norf'k. The Language fuses Tahitian with 18th century English.

If you don't want to feel out of place during your Norfolk Island holidays, you can throw around phrases like Wataweih (meaning hello), Wataweih Yorlye (meaning how are you?), and Kushu (meaning good).

The Traffic Rules in the Island are Quite Peculiar

The entire Island has only one roundabout and there are no traffic lights. There is also no public transport. Cows (not a typo) have the right of way on the island.

Thus, for tourists to get around the island without getting caught out, it is best to hire a car or seek the assistance of a local driver.

Unique Plants

Flora and fauna in Norfolk Island are quite distinctive. There are strict rules made to protect the island's native ecosystem. There are no centipedes, snakes, fruit flies, or sand flies.

Norfolk Island has at least forty unique plant species. The island is also the origin of the Norfolk Pine, a type of pine tree that can grow up to 65 metres high and has a vertically straight trunk.

The Journey to and from Norfolk Island

To get to Norfolk Island from Australia's mainland; there are two flights per week, each from Brisbane and Sydney.

The island receives its supplies from the mainland via ships. The offloading of the ships is quite an adventure owing to the rugged coastline forcing ships to anchor about one kilometre offshore.

Outstanding Accommodation Services

Tourism is a leading source of income for the island. Accommodation providers invest heavily to ensure that visitors looking for accommodation in Norfolk Island receive a superior service.

Although there are numerous accommodation options on the island, none of them are at par with Hideaway Retreat. The retreat is in tucked away in a subtropical forest, and it is popular for providing top quality accommodation on Norfolk Island.

The Takeaway

Norfolk Island is one of the remotest places on earth. The island has several peculiar plants and even ways of life. However, the island is one of the best places you can think to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

There are numerous attractions that tourists can enjoy without having to travel very far.

It is also possible to find superior yet affordable accommodation at Norfolk Island, and therefore, travelers don't have to worry about where to stay during their Norfolk Island holidays.