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Why Make Norfolk Island your Destination of Choice


Norfolk Island is a wonderful island in the South Pacific, approximately 900 kilometers from the east coast of Australia, where you can truly get away from all your worries. It is known for breathtaking sceneries, peaceful accommodation options, great history and friendly people. With plenty of things to do, this destination has everything needed to be at the top of your holiday wish list. Below is a rundown of reasons why Norfolk Island holidays are worthy of your next holiday destination.

Getting to the Island Is Easy

Norfolk Island is ideal for singles, couples, families and even groups looking for an easy and quick getaway. The island is only a couple of hours flight from Australia's east coast. For Australians traveling to the Island, they do not have to exchange their currencies because the Australian Dollar is accepted. Kiwis traveling with their New Zealand passports can also access the island as tourists without any visa requirements. Besides, accommodation in Norfolk Island is very affordable. Thus if you are looking for an easily accessible destination with most of the great attributes associated with more distant overseas destinations, a holiday to Norfolk Island is your best choice.

Balances Bustle with Solitude

For those looking for privacy, Norfolk Island is a great choice. This is because almost one-third of the island is covered by a National Park. However, the Island is so small that even though you might at times feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, you are never too away from shops, cafes, and restaurants. Thus the island can offer a wonderful escape without letting you lose the balance between solitude and bustle.

Numerous Activities to Activate your Senses

Whether you are alone, with your kids, or with your better half, the Island has an abundance of activities to keep you busy throughout your visit. Some of the most popular activities on the island include bushwalking, hiking, snorkeling, bowling, golf, mini-golf, tennis, surfing, fishing, swimming, and many more. If you prefer a quiet pampering, you will also find great places offering beauty treatments, yoga classes, and massage services. Norfolk Island has a temperate climate, therefore, most of the activities can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Enjoy Timeless Fun Activities

Although you may like your iPads, iPhones and other devices, one thing is for sure; entertainment offered by these gadgets can't give you the same experience as some outdoor activities such as cart riding and horse riding. Getting lost with the kids in the Norfolk's popular hedge-maze is also a timeless activity that will take your breath away.

Peaceful, Affordable Accommodation

Although there are many place to stay on Norfolk Island, none of them can beat Hideaway Retreat when it comes to the peaceful tranquility of accommodation services. Hideaway Retreat is known for providing exceptional accommodation on Norfolk Island. The retreat is located in a subtropical forest, and there are affordable self-contained units, making it an ideal place for people looking for a relaxing private getaway from the hustles and bustles of of life.

The Takeaway

Overall, Norfolk Island is a great option for people looking for a convenient holiday destination. The island has a lot to offer and is quite easy to access. Besides this, Hideaway Retreat offers peaceful and affordable accommodation at the island to make your Norfolk Island holiday even better. Thus, if you are looking for a paradise to spend your next holiday, Norfolk Island is the answer.

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